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Tarifs et Taxes


  • On arrival at the Airport of OUAGADOUGOU, reception by the SOUROU EXPRESS SAFARI after passport check-up.
  • Assistance in customs clearance for weapons
  • All transportations for hunting, transfers and movement to the hunting site (going and coming back)
  • Cynegetic organization
  • Full board at camp and on hunting site.
  • Magnum of water (1.5 liters) for 2 people as well as coffee are included in lunch and dinner.
  • Formalities and acquisition of small hunting permit for the duration of the SAFARI.
  • Formalities for import of your weapon, including import tax (hunting gun).
  • Small hunting permit
  • Laundry service.
  • At departure from OUAGA, assistance at customs control of weapons, assistance for boarding.


  • Bar drinks, taxes, tips and personal expenses, etc.
  • Cartridges of 12 and 20 caliber (paragraph 11).
  • Formalities and import tax for a second weapon not included in the lump sum of €80
  • Visa (paragraph No. 17)
  • Slaughtering tax (Paragraph No.9)
  • When using a carrier for luggage at the airport, the service should be paid by the client.
  • Services before arrival lounge and beyond departure lounge of the airport of OUAGADOUGOU
  • Flight Paris/Ouaga/Ouaga/Paris.


They are applied to all hunting camps in Burkina Faso.

They are not part of the Sourou Express Safari lump sum: They are paid to the representative of the administration and re-distributed to the hunting zone villages.

Lump sum for slaughtering tax: €80 per week: armed or helmeted duck (Gambia goose), hare, Canada goose (small), Guinea fowl, francolin, rock hen, Guinea pigeon, green pigeon, turtle dove, gangas, quail, etc.

Taxes for other games, with authorization for shooting

€ 60 per piece: ourebis, cephalope, dog-faced baboon (if density and taking authorized, see with camp guide).

€ 100 per piece: wart hog (if density and taking authorized, see with camp guide).