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Express Safari du Sourou Conditions



It is required to pay 35% of the price of the formula you chose at your booking, by specifying the dates you wish.

Note: Persons who will not have their visas at their departure will have to pay three times the visa’s price at their arrival in Ouagadougou. Please get your visa before you leave your country.

To the payment should be attached for each participant an information and booking sheet (indispensable) with 4 passport photographs.



Before your departure:

Bank card or cheque made out to the manager Mr SEREME Sidiki.

On arrival in Ouagadougou: the pay (cash or cheque) to the representative of the Sourou Express Safari who will receive your and help with the customs formalities.



The programmes concern OUAGA-OUAGA. Booking is taking into consideration only after payment of 35%. The pay must be done once on arrival at Ouagadougou, to the representative of the Sourou Express Safari who welcomes you.

For bookings done at less than one month: full pay of the chosen formula is required. Air companies’ responsibilities are limited in case of damage of any kind, and exclusively as specified in their transport conditions. In no way, we shall be held responsible and endorse transporters’ responsibility.



If cancellation of the SOUROU EXPRESS SAFARI

Total reimbursement of the down payment made (exclusive of the air ticket).


If cancellation by hunter before his departure (whatever the cause may be),

Total loss of the down payment of 35% (file fees, hunting permit, weapon(s) import)


PERSONAL INSURANCES (for information purpose)

It is recommended to arrange with your insurer

Extension of your civil responsibility for hunting for the duration of your safari.

Individual insurances for “accident” for a small hunting safari in Burkina Faso.

For your security, you insure breaking materials (weapons, binoculars, camcorders, computers, cameras, glasses, anti-noise helmets, etc).

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