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SOUROU EXPRESS SAFARI is a structure having a hunting camp with a contract of organization of hunting, tourism, vision, signed with the Ministry of Environment and its representations. This concession has just been renewed for twenty years with effect from 1st January 2009.

Its guide holder of the zone since 1999 has created, developed and improved for years a reception structure with all comfort for small game hunting. The zone is located at the North-West of Burkina Faso, at the confluence of the Rivers Sourou and Mouhoun (Black Volta), within a region whose province name it kept : Sourou

This environment was chosen because – and that can be observed – it gathers in the same zone terrestrial and aquatic avifauna, in addition to the numerous hippopotamuses which live on the numerous water plans in the vicinity of the camping.

This ideal and diversified vast zone (350 000 ha + 20 000 ha for water games hunting) help make rational exploitation of cynegetic wildlife while urging villagers to monitor and reduce poaching   through the creation of jobs and financial assistance. Distribution of games to village chiefs falls within the framework of the philosophy of the SOUROU EXPRESS SAFARI.

The exploitation of this zone is done sensibly and in accordance with the ecological requirements of our times: no excess wildlife harvesting or pressure, respect for game and its reproduction.

In such an authentic environment, hunters and non hunters find profit for themselves. Here is the bush, offering itself, entirely, passionately to them.

As soon as you get to the camp, you are welcomed by “Bonne Arrivée”, a hearty phrase of Burkina Faso. Everybody is around, the guide, the staff, the chief tracker, the trackers, who will, at your great surprise, choose you. How? Why? Nobody knows, but they know and their choice is always judicious.

It is amazing, but it works all the time.

Then the time for the attribution of huts and bungalows comes, which is the privilege of the guide. Individual housing with all comfort per person (shower room, shower, toilets, rooms, air-condition or fans, per person). It is truly pleasant. The bush feels great!

Then you discover your room, you put your things in, you tidy up… only one idea comes to mind: MAY TOMORROW COME QUICKLY.

Tomorrow is already right now.  After a friendly dinner in which people start being immersed with this new ambiance, the dawn surprises you as it arrives suddenly.

Wake-up by a tracker, at dawn, a cat-way or rather bushman wash, copious breakfast where orange juice is mixed with the smell of toast, coffee, tea and chocolate, without talking of its fruits.

Ah, we have to go! Quickly, you carry your things: cartridges, gun, flask, hut, glasses, etc. , all being guided by your tracker who knows the needs of his hunters well.

Two or three 4 x 4 double-cabin cars are available according to the number of participants. In fact, groups are generally made up of 3 or 4 hunters with their tracker.

Departure in the night under a sky spangled with stars with some that are more shining than the others. You get there. Here is the bush, full of great smell and noise. You put on your equipments to hunt, and after the chief tracker and the trackers finalize things,   tracking starts.

Not a European hunt track, but a simple, moving, orderly hunting, that moves depending on the vegetation, the searched game, in the company of your tracker who, being very present, orientates the sense of your quest by actively participating to start the game and to inform you of that. It is up to you to be prompt and precise, as surprise is always emotional.

And then, what a pleasure to walk while hunting in the traditional way! The game is there, everywhere and discreet: francolins, hares, guinea-fowls, rock hens, pigeons, etc. All your senses are on the look-out. Time stops elapsing. You hunt.

Your tracker, equipped with a solid branch, stays near you and noisily hits all the bushes where the game which you are hunting can be hidden.

Any animal can appear suddenly or run away: the francolin noisily, the hare discreetly and nimbly, the sandgrouse springing from the soil, and the bustard that slips away and flies out of reach. How authentic and respectful is hunting in these conditions in which the game has plenty of luck in a protective nature where hunting is difficult!

Generally, hunting is done in front of the hunter with a traditional and sportive ethics. Sustained attention, team spirit, quick and just reflex, security, dexterity and precision are more important than the slaughtering of the animal. It is done in the morning and hunters go back to the camp before noon for lunch and rest. It is resumed around 3 pm until twilight, for the hunting, according to the place, of francolins, guinea-fowls, turtledoves and sandgrouses. Then, return to the camp for great convivial moments where everybody will comment his or her unavoidable misses before a well-deserved glass of drink and the golden and deliciously spiced fillets of turtledoves.

The proposed hunting period starts on 1st December and ends on 30th April.

For the passionate of small games hunting, Burkina Faso and the Hunting Camp, SOUROU EXPRESS SAFARI remain a reference and an unavoidable destination, hailed many times in cynegetic books and by films of hunting in the African bush.

Enjoy your Safari!